If you are in Dalyan, you surely must take a boat tour. You certainly cannot find an answer to the question “how does it feel to be in nature?” until you live the breathtaking view of the Dalyan Delta or the magic of the rush that makes you feel like you are in a gigantic labyrinth or wandering on a world map.

When moving along the rush, the grandness of the steep rocks is a proof of the nature’s generosity. The multicolored bird that appears suddenly and demonstrates a nice show on “how to catch fish” with its long rostrum is the kingfisher. Many observers from different parts of the world come to Dalyan to see rare birds such as this. The water is so clear that you can watch the fish accompany the boat all through the tour.

The places such as bars, restaurants, cafes, built on the river, are one-flat facilities and in great harmony with the nature. Of course, of the greatest view is the Stone Tombs appearing on the right when moving towards Iztuzu. The magnificent appearance that has been standing there for other 3000 years definitely takes your breath. It used to be possible to walk through the tombs in the past but four years ago, because of the damage caused by the people, it was prohibited and still is. As you move along, you can see the walls of the antique Kaunos on your right.

As the boat drains off, you lose your sense of direction, the minute you think you will go right; the captain turns the wheel to the opposite direction. Due to the geographic conditions, many twists and lakes have been formed in time. As the boat flows towards the sea, you come to the Iztuzu Beach, which is the second best natural beach in the world where the Aegean meets the Mediterranean and where you can swim either in fresh or in salt water.

When you move up from the delta, you come to the Lake of Köyceğiz. If you are traveling with one of the daily tours, this lake is the second stop after the mud baths. The boats drop anchor in the middle of the lake for you to enjoy swimming in fresh waters. By the way, do not be surprised to see the dalyans (fish farms) that you might come across in the delta.