There is a beautifying mud close to the area where the Lake of Köyceğiz meets the Dalyan Delta. This is the daily tours’ first stop, the place where Dustin Hoffman and Sting came in the 90s. Until today, it has not been allowed to construct any cultivation so as not to harm the formation of the natural mud. It is not scientifically proved that the mud applied on the body has a healing effect but we cannot go without saying that the people here say it does. It is said that as the mud dries, it tightens on your skin and if you continue doing this for some time, the wrinkles on your body disappear.

After the mud bath, try to the hot water spring that is also in the same area. The spring is said to be good for rheumatism, waist problems and sciatica. As far as we can see, the mud makes a difference on your skin and a form of animation for the visitors. The tourists see each other covered in mud, have fun and take lots of photos. This creates a fun activity in the region.