It is one of the rare beaches that the caretta carettas find safe enough to lay their eggs. Iztuzu is a natural wonder with the award “second beach that maintains its naturality”. It is said there is no beach like Iztuzu with one side being fresh water and the other Mediterranean. The sand of the beach starting from the mountains, vertical to the sea and close up the edge of the delta, is golden and very thin. Water is crystal clear. The shore is shallow and it leaves a velvet feeling under you feet as you walk. The people of Kaunos used Iztuzu as a harbor in old times. It is learned from an epitaph that this beach used to be a customs point and the people of Kaunos used to sell salt, slaves and salted fish there. Another surprise waiting for you at the shore is the romantic dance of the sea and the beach. The images that the sea forms are a perfect proof the nature’s unlimited creativity. The beach is 5400 m long. There is no construction allowed except for the changing cabins. Also, in order to avoid any possible damage to the caretta caretta eggs, pets, such as cats and dogs, are not allowed on the beach. At the certain points, it is prohibited to place an umbrella. There are two ways to go to the beach of Iztuzu. First one is by boat; you can come to the beach by the boats from the port of Dalyan in about 35-40 minutes with a wonderful journey among the thick rush. The second way is to take the mini-buses that leave near the post-office. This journey is also very nice, moving along the Sülüngür Lake and the pine trees. But still, we suggest you take the boats, as the views are more beautiful when you come to Iztuzu and the journey is more fun. As you walk through the beach of Iztuzu, a wonder of nature, you will be jealous of your own shadow!