There are some places that unfold all the magnificence of history. Such places are the living proofs of history, not the theory. You will feel your soul squeeze with the greatness of history when you see the King Tombs in Dalyan: The eternal King Tombs have been standing there for1000 years against all the harshness of time and carrying the mysteries of the past to the future. As you look at the tombs, you get the feeling that the stones have something to say. The gigantic rocks had been caved in amazing forms. The tombs that are caved in the rocks, at some points with an angle of 80 C to the sea, force the limits of your mind. According to the archeologists, these tombs are the symbol of wealth and power in the antique city of Kanuos. Most of the city, even today, is still protected with borders that are 7-8 m high. In the rock tombs, which were caved as in the form of Ionia sanctuary, there are three lines of stones for the dead to be buried. The Ionian columns that decorate the front side of the monuments have been destroyed. Only in one of the pediments, the glyph of two lions facing each other is interesting sight. It is prohibited to walk through the rock tombs because they are high and/can be dangerous and prohibition is the only way to avoid man-made destruction.