Apart from its natural beauties, Dalyan is also known as the “healing place”. Many famous people coming here from all over the world is the perfect sign of this popularity. The number of people who say they had suffered waist pains, rheumatism and sciatica until they came here is hardly a few. The first of these places is the Sultaniye Thermal Water. Sultaniye Thermal Water, on the southwest of the Lake of Köyceğiz, on the skirts of the Ölmez Mountain, is only 4 km away from Dalyan. Boats departing from the port come here. Sultaniye Thermal Water has the highest (98.3) radioactive thermal water in Turkey and is the second in the world after the thermal waters in Indonesia. The water is 39 C. It has calcium chlorine, calcium sulfate, calcium sulfur and radon.

It is said that the thermal water has a healing effect on waist pains, rheumatism, sciatica, nephritis, skin diseases and gyniatrics. The healing period is 21 days and you must bath twice a day starting with 10 minutes. Drinking this water is also good for liver, cystic and gut diseases.

The water in the Sultaniye Thermal Water had been used in the times of the Kaunos people. Later, the Byzantines turned this place into a stopover. The ruins from that period are under the waters of Lake of Köyceğiz.